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Many property owners just want a mold problem to go away/pretend its not there. Publicity has brought the mold issue into the living room of every American. The local and national news, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and even drive-time talk radio all carry stories inspiring fear of mold and mildew.

We at NJ-Mold are committed to find the source of the problem before mold appears, before it becomes a nightmare. Mold needs water, moisture to grow. If inspected regularly, and immediate action is taken when water damage occurs, you will protect yourself from costly damage. If you live in New Jersey, we can help eliminate your mold problems.

If there is mold, our inspection and tests will determine what kind of mold exists, and establish a real plan of action! We will help you to find the origin of this problem. Our goal is to provide you with all of the options available to us, giving you the ability to make the best informed decision.

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