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As a green clean company we use environmentally safe products (Non Toxic)

Environmental Consulting in The State of NJ


Environmental Consulting:

NJ Mold has been leaders in Mold testing and remediation for over 30 years. As part of the EcoAir Clean and Green family we provide Mold Inspections, Mold Assessments, Environmental testing, and Environmental Consulting.

NJ Mold was one of the first testing and remediation companies in the state of New Jersey.

Our environmental consulting services provide the consumer with the satisfaction that safe materials and products are being used by contractors.


We offer full home audits, which is beneficial for the immunocompromised, during a full home audit we will go through every area of your home and perform the tests that we deem necessary for your particular situation. We will even evaluate cleaning products you are using and provide you with green alternatives if necessary.

Construction particulate panels are a microscopic determination of particles collected from the air, other than mold. Including fiberglass, soot, silicates, insect parts, wood dust, and other particles that may cause allergic reactions.

Not all allergic reactions are caused by mold. We can help and find the answer to your allergy issues in your home.

Chemical Air Panels will provide data of materials or products used that are off gassing. Material off gas analysis can help determine which product is creating the concerning VOC's we find in our air.

Odor Investigation sometimes determining the source of a smell can drive us insane. An odor, smell,scent or fragrance is caused when one or more volatile chemicals enter our nasal passages and are detected by specialized receptors. These can be interpreted as pleasant or unpleasant. Our knowledgeable technical staff and solutions based analysis can help determine the source odor and vapor problems.


We can perform a survey of up to 500+ compounds with our complete air report.

Fire and Smoke there are two primary concerns with fire and smoke residue

1.Has the fire or smoke residue been removed to an acceptable level?

2. Are there any health or exposure concerns with any remaining traces?

3. Protect

We offer air sampling, technical reviews, particulate sampling, and material sampling.


Mold, Bacterial and Viral sampling can be performed via air, direct sample, cultured sample and bulk samples.

We offer a green-clean, non-toxic process to Environmental Consulting. 


Clearance Testing:

NJ-Mold will conduct Post Tests in the treated area to ensure that mold levels are no longer elevated and it is safe.  

SCHEDULE Environmental Consulting

NJ Mold, a division of EcoAir Clean and Green offers complete and comprehensive Environmental Testing and Consulting Services, Many times when remediation is required, a complete protocol will include construction services needed to solve the problem and the steps to follow post remediation to avoid the same problem in the future.  

Our services include:

  • Mold Inspections
  • Construction Particulate Panels and Analysis
  • Dust Cultures and Identification
  • Indoor Allergenic investigations
  • Odor Investigation and Testing
  • Lead Testing
  • Fire and Smoke testing
  • Particulate Testing
  • Mold Testing (Viable & Non-Viable)
  • Microbial Culturing
  • Full Chemical Testing Panels
  • Bacterial Testing & Culturing
  • Cigarette Smoke Testing
  • Formaldehyde Testing

Many States now are beginning to regulate the laws on how a Mold Testing and Remediation can conduct business. It is already recommended by the EPA, CDC and IIRC to have a seperate company perform the testing than the company performing the remediation. This is to protect YOU as the consumer and to ensure that documents are reviewed by multiple parties to ensure that YOU are receiving the most beneficial remediation plan. As your testing or consulting company we guide in you the right direction so that you have the most cost effective and efficient work performed in your home or place of business. 

NJ Mold now part of the EcoAir Clean and Green Family

Certified Mold testing and Environmental consulting company servicing the state of New Jersey.

One of the only Environmental Companies in the state of New Jersey with an Industrial Hygienist on staff. Our staff includes highly trained and experienced; Environmental Scientists, Microbiologists, Environmental Consultants, Mold, Fire and Lead Assessors.